Kesha Denice




All Lyric Holiday ever wanted was a man to adore and cherish her. Desperate for love and affection, she kept her heart and her home open to all the wrong types. Blinded by her own desires she loses the only real love she’s ever had.

Damian Dexter has at all, at least that what he wants people to believe. As an adult, ashamed of his childhood, he takes great effort in portraying a lifestyle that isn’t truly his. When he experiences a life event that is beyond his control, everything comes tumbling down around him.

As they navigate through the trials of life, they both discover they’ve always had the power within them to change their situation.


Teena Woods was an over protected, naive small town girl with an optimistic future.  In high school she had the perfect boyfriend; she earned a four-year scholarship to the college of her choice and she had her future mapped out.  Life for Teena was complete, and then she was betrayed.

 Ignoring her pain, Teena takes a blind leap into a world full of self-destruction.  Unable to break free from an obsession of love, she allows her innocence to be stolen, her trust to be misused and her body to be abused.  She is forced to find the courage and the inner strength to turn her life around when she realizes she could be responsible for claiming the life of an innocent victim.      

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With only a month to go before Jayla marries the man of her dreams, he decides he just wants to be friends. She is heartbroken when she discovers the real reason he called off the engagement. 

When she accidentally uncovers a secret that her parents have been keeping from her for 21 years, it?s all too much for Jayla to handle.  The rejection coupled with the family secret sends her on a mental vacation, causing her to lose the one thing she?s ever been sure of.

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Mauria Fiona...One Bad M.F.

Mauria Fiona gets what she wants, even YOUR man if that's what she desires. When she sets her eyes on a very married Pastor Dre, her world is twisted and turned upside down when she encounters a woman who beats her at her own game.  

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